Jaguar XE Depreciation

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Jaguar XE Depreciation Rate

5 Year Depreciation Rate

A 2020 Jaguar XE has a forecasted 5 year depreciation rate of 61%.

In 5 years its value is expected to decrease approximately $26,046 from its new price of around $42,698 down to $16,652.

Make / Model Initial MSRP Forecasted Depreciation Rate Forecasted Value Change In 5 Years Residual Value In 5 Years
Jaguar XE $42,698 61% $26,046 $16,652
Bottom 50 Percentile For Residual Value

Jaguar XE Depreciation Curve

Depreciation Curve For A Jaguar XE
Depreciation Curve For The Jaguar XE.

Current Retained Value Percentage VS. Model Year

Gaps in data could indicate no model released for that year.

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The American average is 12,000 miles driven per year.

Jaguar XE Historical Depreciation Table

Below is a historical table for the Jaguar XE that displays year by year depreciation data.

Model Year Price When New (%) Current Depreciation ($) Current Depreciation Current Residual Value
2020 $42,698 33% $14,295 $28,403
2019 $50,023 28% $14,004 $36,019
2018 $44,895 34% $15,397 $29,498
2017 $43,850 43% $18,744 $25,106
2017 Jaguar XE Portfolio Diesel Automatic 2.0
2017 Jaguar XE Portfolio Diesel Automatic 2.0 |

Forecasted "5 Year Depreciation" Of A 2020 Jaguar XE Vs. Comparables