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Car Depreciation Calculator

Enter your model data to get a custom graph and table based on model year and mileage driven!

The American average is 12,000 miles driven per year.

What Is Car Depreciation?

Car depreciation is the rate at which a vehicle loses value over time. Although generally not thought of first, in most cases vehicle depreciation is the single largest expense when it comes to vehicle ownership. This is why it is important for a consumer to research the depreciation characteristics of the vehicles they are considering to make an intelligent purchasing decision.

How The Car Depreciation Calculator Works

The AutoPadre Car Depreciation Calculator gives you an estimate on how much a car will be worth after a number of years depending on factors such as make, model, body type, nationality and mileage driven per year! The depreciation graph and table show the yearly depreciation percentage and yearly value.


  • A car's depreciation rate is affected by various factors, many of which are unpredictable. The Car Depreciation Calculator returns a 'best estimate' and AutoPadre.com does not guarantee its results.
  • We are adding new models regularly but for instance if a particular BMW model is not available you may choose BMW than Car in place of the specific model.

For example, let’s suppose Jen is interested in purchasing a 2016 Toyota Corolla she has found on an online classified ad.

The ad lists the car for $12,000. Jen enters the car’s year, make and model into the AutoPadre car depreciation calculator. Jen figures on driving about 12,000 miles a year so she selects 12,000 miles from the dropdown.

The calculator predicts that after 5 years the 2017 Corolla will have depreciated just 13% ($1,706).

This compares favorably to a used 2020 Corolla which along with its higher initial cost of $16,000 has a predicted 5 year depreciation of 23% ($3,449).

Jen ultimately decides to purchase the 2017 Corolla after having it inspected by a mechanic.

Popular Depreciation Curves