Honda Accord Gas Tank Size (2002 - 2022)

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Honda Accord Gas Tank Size Overview

The Honda Accord gas tank sizes range from 12.0 gallons to 18.5 gallons depending on the trim level, model options, and model year.

The gas tank size of the Honda Accord, when combined with its fuel mileage, gives the Accord a city range from 308 miles to 790 miles depending on the trim level, model options, and model year.

The Honda Accord has a highway range from 448 miles to 742 miles depending on the trim level, model options, and model year.

A large gas tank may reduce your time spent at the fuel station, but you also need to know how far that full gas tank will get you.

The fuel tank range depends on your vehicle's fuel mileage and whether you're driving in the city or on the highway.

The table below shows a sampling of the gas tank sizes for the Honda Accord.

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Honda Accord Gas Tank Size
YearTrimEngineGas Tank Size (Imp.)Gas Tank Size (Metric)
2022EXL2.0L I412.0 Gallons45.4 Liters
2022Base2.0L I412.0 Gallons45.4 Liters
2021EX2.0L I412.0 Gallons45.4 Liters
20202.0L I412.8 Gallons48.5 Liters
20192.0L I412.8 Gallons48.5 Liters
2018EX2.0L I412.8 Gallons48.5 Liters
2017EX2.4L I417.2 Gallons65.1 Liters
2016EX2.4L I417.2 Gallons65.1 Liters
2015EX2.4L I417.2 Gallons65.1 Liters
2014EX2.4L I417.2 Gallons65.1 Liters
2013Cpe EX2.4L I417.2 Gallons65.1 Liters
2012Cpe EX2.4L I418.5 Gallons70.0 Liters
2011Cpe EX2.4L I418.5 Gallons70.0 Liters
2010Cpe EX2.4L I418.5 Gallons70.0 Liters
2009Cpe EX2.4L I418.5 Gallons70.0 Liters
2008Cpe EX2.4L I418.5 Gallons70.0 Liters
2007Cpe EX2.4L I417.1 Gallons64.7 Liters
2006Cpe EX2.4L I417.1 Gallons64.7 Liters
2005Cpe EX2.4L I417.1 Gallons64.7 Liters
2004Cpe EX2.4L I417.1 Gallons64.7 Liters
2003Cpe EX2.4L I417.1 Gallons64.7 Liters
2002Cpe EX2.3L I417.1 Gallons64.7 Liters
2019 Honda Accord
2019 Honda Accord

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