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2024 Nissan Altima vs. 2024 Toyota Corolla vs. 2024 Honda Accord: Who Wins?

Lifelike photorealistic image showcasing the latest altima corolla accord sedans on a dark city street

In the competitive landscape of mid-size sedans, the Nissan Altima, Toyota Corolla, and Honda Accord stand out as three of the most popular options available.

These vehicles are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and comfort, making them excellent choices for daily commuting and long-distance travel alike.

The following is a comparison using the 2024 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV, 2024 Toyota Corolla LE and 2024 Honda Accord LX base trims as examples.


The MSRP prices vary with the Corolla being the most inexpensive at $23k, the Altima at $26k and the Accord at $29k.

After the various dealer incentives and promotions each model the sale prices will probably vary less.

Make-Model Engine Transmission Drivetrain Price
Nissan Altima 2.5 SV 2.5L I4 1 Spd CVT w/OD FWD $26,700
Toyota Corolla LE 2.0L I4 10 Spd Auto/CVT w/OD FWD $23,145
Honda Accord LX 1.5L Intercooled Turbo I4 1 Spd CVT w/OD FWD $28,990

Horsepower And Torque

All three models we are looking at are equipped with naturally aspirated engines so they won't blow your socks off. However, they still have enough power to keep up with traffic on the freeway.

The peppiest out of the 3 is the Accord with 192 hp while the Corolla is bordering on under-powered with 169 hp.

Make-Model Engine Transmission Drivetrain Horsepower @ RPM Torque @ RPM
Nissan Altima 2.5L I4 1 Spd CVT w/OD FWD 188 hp @ 6,000 rpm 180 ft-lbs @ 3,600 rpm
Toyota Corolla 2.0L I4 10 Spd Auto/CVT w/OD FWD 169 hp @ 6,600 rpm 151 ft-lbs @ 4,400 rpm
Honda Accord 1.5L Intercooled Turbo I4 1 Spd CVT w/OD FWD 192 hp @ 6,000 rpm 192 ft-lbs @ 1,700 rpm

Gas Mileage

All three offer great mileage, but the Toyota Corolla leads the pack in this category, boasting the highest city and highway MPG, which translates to a combined efficiency that surpasses its competitors.

Make-Model City MPG Hwy MPG Combined MPG
Nissan Altima 27 39 33
Toyota Corolla 32 41 37
Honda Accord 29 37 33

Gas Tank Size

Make-Model Gas Tank Size Range (city/hwy/combined miles)
Nissan Altima 16.2 gal. 437/632/535
Toyota Corolla 13.2 gal. 422/541/488
Honda Accord 14.8 gal. 429/548/488


The Altima and Accord opt for wider profiles, they potentially offer better grip and stability, especially at higher speeds or during cornering.

The Corolla's slightly narrower tires might prioritize fuel efficiency and urban maneuverability.

The Corolla also has smaller rims at 16" rather than 17".

Make-Model Front Tire Size Rear Tire Size
Nissan Altima P215/55VR17 P215/55VR17
Toyota Corolla P205/55HR16 P205/55HR16
Honda Accord P225/50VR17 P225/50VR17

Interior Dimensions

The Honda Accord stands out with the most generous headroom in both the front and second rows, accommodating taller passengers with ease. It also leads in legroom, particularly in the second row, offering substantial space that enhances comfort during longer drives.

Conversely, the Toyota Corolla, while slightly more compact, provides a balanced space that could appeal to city drivers and those looking for efficient, comfortable urban mobility.

The Nissan Altima offers a competitive middle ground, with ample room in both headroom and legroom dimensions, ensuring a comfortable ride for passengers of various sizes.


Make-Model Front Row Headroom (in) Second Row Headroom (in)
Nissan Altima 39.1 36.9
Toyota Corolla 38.3 37.1
Honda Accord 39.5 37.3


Make-Model First Row Legroom (in) Second Row Legroom (in)
Nissan Altima 43.8 35.2
Toyota Corolla 42 34.8
Honda Accord 42.3 40.8

Ground Clearance

The Nissan Altima, Toyota Corolla, and Honda Accord offer similar ground clearances, hovering around 5.1 to 5.3 inches.

Make-Model Ground Clearance (in)
Nissan Altima 5.1
Toyota Corolla 5.3
Honda Accord 5.3

Exterior Dimensions

The Honda Accord is the largest, offering the most length and wheelbase, contributing to its spacious interior and stable ride.

The Nissan Altima closely follows, with a substantial presence that balances comfort and design.

The Toyota Corolla, being the lightest and most compact, emphasizes efficiency and urban agility.

Make-Model Vehicle Height (ft) Vehicle Length (ft) Vehicle Wheelbase (ft)
Nissan Altima 4.73 16.07 9.27
Toyota Corolla 4.71 15.21 8.86
Honda Accord 4.76 16.31 9.28


Make-Model Curb Weight (lbs)
Nissan Altima 3,283
Toyota Corolla 2,955
Honda Accord 3,239


The Toyota Corolla stands out for its fuel efficiency and urban agility, the Honda Accord impresses with spacious interiors and ride stability, while the Nissan Altima offers a balanced mix of power and comfort. Ultimately, the choice boils down to individual priorities: efficiency, space, or a blend of performance and comfort.