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Tire Replacement Time: How Long Should Changing Your Tires Take?

A technician changing a tire in a tire shop.

Tires wear due to an accumulation of miles and environmental conditions such as heat. Getting your tires replaced does not take a long time.

How long it take to get tires changed is usually 30 to 40 minutes, assuming a professional is using the right equipment and is competent.

However, differently sized tires, the number of lug nuts, and the state of the rims can significantly lengthen the change time.

Discover the duration for various types of tire changes, how long different professionals take, and even the time it takes to perform wheel alignment and balancing in the following sections.

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    A technician changing a tire in a tire shop.
    A technician changing a tire in a tire shop.

    How Long Does It Take to Get Four Tires Changed?

    Unfortunately, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to your "how long does it take to get tires changed" question.

    Most professionals take roughly 30 to 40 minutes to change four tires (typically ten minutes per tire), but this depends on your lug nuts and other factors.

    If your car has suffered a barrage of muddy, salty water, the nuts might be jammed, meaning tire changes will take longer.

    Plus, every vehicle has different-sized tires, and some have more lug nuts than others.

    The half-an-hour-timeline is based on SUVs, so if you own a smaller vehicle, tire shops can often switch all four tires in an hour maximum.

    Although, you should expect a longer service time if the mechanic conducts wheel balancing and corrects any misaligned tires.

    How Long It Take to Change Tires per Type of Professional

    The time it takes to change a tire varies depending on the tire shop.

    Find America's most popular tire centers and their typing time for changing tires below:

    • Walmart — They service around 265 million customers every week. Depending on how many cars are sitting in front of you, you could spend up to four hours waiting at this tire facility.
    • Costco — Generally, it takes at least 45 minutes and up to two hours for Costco tire shops to change tires. However, the mechanics won't install your tire unless you buy it from their shop.
    • Firestone — This auto center guarantees to change a tire as per your appointment time. If they fail to do so, you receive a ten percent discount on your next visit. Provided you make an appointment, you'll make it through Firestone in 45 minutes.
    • Roadside assistance — Depending on the assistance program you use, you may wait around 50 minutes for help to arrive. Once they turn up, however, they rapidly conduct tire changes (ten minutes per tire).
    A technicion installing a brand new tire.
    A technicion installing a brand new tire.

    How Long Does It Take to Get New Tires Installed?

    The tire shop should take around 45 minutes to mount new tires on an average vehicle.

    Since the process is relatively straightforward, professionals with the right equipment get the job done quickly — you won't have to wait at the tire center for hours on end.

    Despite that, a busy auto care center and problems with the rims could increase the timeframe.

    Busy Tire Shop

    A well-known workshop is bound to be busy.

    Therefore, you'll just need to wait your turn!

    As you won't be the only customer, they might advise you to leave your vehicle with them so you can get on with your day.

    However, when they get to your tires, they'll ensure the job is done as quickly as possible.

    Problems with Rims

    Sometimes, rims are jammed shut due to rust, dirt, or grime, making it difficult for mechanics to remove the current wheel and change tires.

    If the lug nuts are overly stiff, they may use a rust remover or a lubricant to loosen them before attempting to change a tire.

    Driving your car with flat or low-pressure tires can damage the rims.

    The affected components must be serviced and lubricated never to leak air.

    In this case, an individual tire change could take a while.

    How Long Does a Tire Change and Alignment Take?

    On average, wheel alignment takes from 30 minutes to one hour.

    The more complex the suspension and the more adjustments required to correct the misaligned tires affect the duration.

    If components need replacing, wheel alignment can take longer.

    Proper alignment involves:

    1. Preprogramming the alignment machine to ensure proper alignment.
    2. Inspecting the suspension and tightening components as necessary.
    3. Testing the car.

    Typically, professionals conduct wheel alignment alongside balancing for maximum benefits.

    If they use the correct equipment (i.e., a balancing machine), it could take between 40 minutes and two hours to balance your wheels.

    So, changing tires and aligning the wheels could take over two hours.

    A woman changing her tire herself.
    A woman changing her tire herself.

    How Long Does It Take to Change Your Tires Yourself?

    While entrusting a professional with your tire replacement problem is easier, you don't always have this luxury.

    For example, if you're caught with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, and your phone's battery is dead — the only option is to change the car tire yourself.

    Naturally, it's a nightmare if you don't know how to change tires, so it's best to learn.

    If you have all the right tools and aren't afraid of DIY, it would take between 15 and 20 minutes to change one tire.

    But if it's your first try, you could need at least half an hour.

    Everything You Need For a Tire Change

    Before you can change tires, you need the following tools:

    • Spare tire, fully inflated
    • Carjack
    • Lug wrench
    • Wheel wedges
    • Alignment studs
    • Extension bar
    • Instructions

    Other helpful but not necessary tools are as follows:

    • Wheel lock
    • Flashlight
    • Gloves
    • Emergency triangle

    How to Change Car Tires

    Provided you have all the tools, go through each step below to change your car's tires without professional help:

    1. Park safely — An empty parking lot is the best place to park. Make sure the ground is level, and you aren't in the way of other cars. If you must stop on the road to change a tire, ensure you turn on your emergency flashers.
    2. Secure vehicle — Put it in neutral and pull the handbrake. Put the wedges against all the tires except the one you need to replace. Heavy stones work wonders if you don't own wedges.
    3. Loosen lug nuts — Use a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts without removing them.
    4. Raise vehicle and remove lug nuts — Once loose, place the jack under the vehicle and lift until it's roughly six inches above the ground. Remove the lug nuts, putting them in a safe place.
    5. Dismount tire — Hold the tire tread and take it off. Put it somewhere away from the road.
    6. Place new tire — Install the new tires, securing the lug nuts. Lower the car and use the wrench to tighten the lug nuts. Finally, remove the carjack.

    Is It Safe to Change Your Own Tires?

    As long as you know what you're doing and have the right equipment, conducting a tire change yourself is safe.

    But changing tires without these crucial things is a recipe for disaster.

    It can save money since you won't have to hire roadside assistance or tire service.

    However, mechanics at tire shops know exactly what they're doing, ensuring you stay safe on the road with new tires.

    So, if in doubt, leave it to a professional — after all, they'll even ensure perfect wheel alignment!

    A man changing a flat tire.
    A man changing a flat tire.

    How Long Will It Take to Change a Flat Tire?

    As you grow confident, changing a flat tire should only take 15 to 20 minutes.

    It could take longer if the air pressure in the other tires needs refilling or if you have multiple flat tires.

    Should All Four Tires Be Replaced at The Same Time?

    In a perfect world, you would replace all four tires simultaneously unless you suffer a puncture in just one — there's no need to change all your tires if only one is damaged.

    If you're changing tires due to tread wear from everyday use, your car benefits significantly from same-time replacements.

    Whether changing one tire or four, ensure you utilize the same brand and model.

    Using different brands or models can cause instability, making your car hazardous to other drivers.


    Most professional mechanics can change tires in 30 to 40 minutes, provided it's a relatively simple job.

    Of course, this doesn't include the time it takes to drive your vehicle to the auto shop or for the roadside assistance team to reach you.

    Aligning and balancing the wheels significantly adds to the duration, so bear that during your garage visit.