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BMW xM Steering Wheel Size (2023)

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BMW xM Steering Wheel Size Overview

The BMW xM has unique unconventional steering wheel sizes for the following years:

  • 2023
BMW xM Steering Wheel Size Table
Year Steering Wheel Size
(wheel diameter x grip circumference)
Size Classification Steering Wheel Covers (paid links)


One of the most likely reasons you'd want your steering wheel's size is that you're interested in buying a steering wheel cover.

Steering wheel covers are an excellent investment.

A steering wheel cover will go a long way in maintaining the resale value of your vehicle due to the wear the steering wheel experiences throughout the vehicle's lifetime.

Check out the Steering Wheel Size specifications for other makes and models.

BMW xM Steering Wheel Size

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2023 BMW xM Steering Wheel Size

The 2023 BMW xM steering wheel size dimensions are unique.

2023 BMW xM Steering Wheel Size Chart
Wheel DiameterGrip CircumferenceSize Classification

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Protect My Steering Wheel On My BMW xM?

Over time your steering wheel will wear down due to the oils and movements of your hands. This can dramatically reduce the resale value of your vehicle and is quite ugly to Buy.

Protect your steering wheel with a fitted cover. They are inexpensive and will keep your steering wheel looking like new.

What Is The Steering Wheel Size Classification System?

Size Classification Steering Wheel Diameter Grip Circumference
A 15 1/2" 3"
AX 15" 3 1/2"
AXX 15" 3 3/4"
B 16 3/4" 3"
BX 16 1/2" 3 1/2"
C 15" 4"

How To Measure A Steering Wheel?

Steering wheels have two main measurements. A flexible seamstresses tape works excellent.

  • Outside Diameter - measured horizontally from one side of the steering wheel to the other.
  • Grip Circumference - measured by wrapping the measuring tape around the steering wheel grip.
How To Measure A Steering Wheel