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Specifications Comparison: 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Researched By The AutoPadre Staff

Turning Diameter & Radius (Curb To Curb)

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Turning Diameter & Radius (Curb To Curb)

Trim Eng. Drive train Diameter Curb To Curb (ft) Diameter Curb To Curb (m) Radius Curb To Curb (ft) Radius Curb To Curb (m)
Altitude3.6L V6RWD38.011.619.05.8
Altitude3.6L V64WD38.011.619.05.8
Laredo3.6L V6RWD38.011.619.05.8
Laredo3.6L V64WD38.011.619.05.8
Limited3.6L V6RWD38.011.619.05.8
Limited3.6L V64WD38.011.619.05.8
Overland3.6L V6RWD38.011.619.05.8
Overland3.6L V64WD38.011.619.05.8
Summit3.6L V6RWD38.011.619.05.8
Summit3.6L V64WD38.011.619.05.8
Summit Reserve3.6L V64WD38.011.619.05.8
4xe Base2.0L I44WD38.011.619.05.8
4xe Overland2.0L I44WD38.011.619.05.8
4xe Summit2.0L I44WD38.011.619.05.8
4xe Summit Reserve2.0L I44WD38.011.619.05.8
4xe Trailhawk2.0L I44WD38.011.619.05.8
L Altitude3.6L V6RWD38.311.719.15.8
L Altitude3.6L V64WD38.311.719.15.8
L Laredo3.6L V6RWD38.311.719.15.8
L Laredo3.6L V64WD38.311.719.15.8
L Limited3.6L V6RWD38.311.719.15.8
L Limited3.6L V64WD38.311.719.15.8
L Overland3.6L V6RWD38.311.719.15.8
L Overland3.6L V64WD38.311.719.15.8
L Summit3.6L V6RWD38.311.719.15.8
L Summit3.6L V64WD38.311.719.15.8
L Summit Reserve3.6L V64WD38.311.719.15.8
Altitude3.6L V6RWD38.0
Altitude3.6L V64WD38.0
Altitude X3.6L V6RWD38.0
Altitude X3.6L V64WD38.0
Laredo3.6L V6RWD38.0
Laredo3.6L V64WD38.0
Laredo A3.6L V6RWD38.0
Laredo X3.6L V6RWD38.0
Laredo X3.6L V64WD38.0
Limited3.6L V6RWD38.0
Limited3.6L V64WD38.0
Overland3.6L V6RWD38.0
Overland3.6L V64WD38.0
Summit3.6L V6RWD38.0
Summit3.6L V64WD38.0
Summit Reserve3.6L V64WD38.0
4xe Altitude3.6L V6RWD38.0
4xe Altitude3.6L V64WD38.0
4xe Altitude X3.6L V6RWD38.0
4xe Altitude X3.6L V64WD38.0
4xe Laredo3.6L V6RWD38.0
4xe Laredo3.6L V64WD38.0
4xe Laredo A3.6L V6RWD38.0
4xe Laredo X3.6L V6RWD38.0
4xe Laredo X3.6L V64WD38.0
4xe Limited3.6L V6RWD38.0
4xe Limited3.6L V64WD38.0
4xe Overland3.6L V6RWD38.0
4xe Overland2.0L I44WD38.0
4xe Summit3.6L V6RWD38.0
4xe Summit2.0L I44WD38.0
4xe Summit Reserve2.0L I44WD38.0
L Altitude X3.6L V6RWD38.311.719.15.8
L Altitude X3.6L V64WD38.311.719.15.8
L Laredo X3.6L V6RWD38.311.719.15.8
L Laredo X3.6L V64WD38.311.719.15.8

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Turning Diameter & Radius (Curb To Curb)

Trim Eng. Drive train Diameter Curb To Curb (ft) Diameter Curb To Curb (m) Radius Curb To Curb (ft) Radius Curb To Curb (m)
80th Special Edition3.6L V6RWD37.111.318.65.7
80th Special Edition3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
High Altitude3.6L V6RWD37.111.318.65.7
High Altitude3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
High Altitude5.7L V84WD37.111.318.65.7
Laredo3.6L V6RWD37.111.318.65.7
Laredo3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
Limited3.6L V6RWD37.111.318.65.7
Limited3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
Limited3.6L V84WD37.111.318.65.7
Overland3.6L V6RWD37.111.318.65.7
Overland3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
Overland5.7L V84WD37.111.318.65.7
SRT86.4L V84WD37.111.318.65.7
Summit3.6L V6RWD37.111.318.65.7
Summit3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
Summit5.7L V84WD37.111.318.65.7
Trackhawk6.2L V84WD38.011.619.05.8
Trailhawk3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
Trailhawk3.6L V84WD37.111.318.65.7
L Altitude3.6L V6RWD38.311.719.15.8
L Altitude3.6L V64WD38.311.719.15.8
L Laredo3.6L V6RWD37.111.318.65.7
L Laredo3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
L Limited3.6L V6RWD37.111.318.65.7
L Limited3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
L Limited3.6L V84WD37.111.318.65.7
L Overland3.6L V6RWD37.111.318.65.7
L Overland3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
L Overland5.7L V84WD37.111.318.65.7
L Summit3.6L V6RWD37.111.318.65.7
L Summit3.6L V64WD37.111.318.65.7
L Summit5.7L V84WD37.111.318.65.7
L Summit Reserve3.6L V6RWD38.311.719.15.8
L Summit Reserve3.6L V64WD38.311.719.15.8
L Summit Reserve5.7L V84WD38.311.719.15.8

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