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Expert Tips for Making Your Car Sound Louder: Crank Up the Volume

Performance muffler upgrade

There are many reasons people might want to increase the car's sound, including the aesthetic effect and the ability to give off a vibe of performance and power when driving.

But how can you effectively and legally make your car louder?

Among the ways to make your car louder, many people delete the muffler or resonator, upgrade the airflow system, switch out the muffler or exhaust system with aftermarket parts, or drill holes in the exhaust.

There are cheap ways to achieve a louder car (free or as low as about $50), whereas some options exceed hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Keep reading as we highlight the most common ways to make a car louder, the legality of these methods, and the associated costs and risks.

We'll even answer a frequently asked question at the end of our guide.

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    Performance muffler upgrade
    Performance muffler upgrade

    What Modifications Make A Car Louder?

    There are several options to make your car's exhaust system sound louder and sportier or emit unique sounds such as pops or crackling.

    Keep in mind that the following options differ in cost, legality, and associated risk factors. They are:

    These can be costly, but many car fans like this modification's style and unique sound.

    How To Make Your Car Louder Legally?

    Note that exhaust modifications are often considered unlawful in the United States.

    Specifically, a muffler delete will cause your car to fail an inspection and can be ticketed in every state with varying fines.

    In some states, like California, you can even get fined simply for having a louder exhaust system because of the noise disturbance.

    Some legal loopholes to this issue include:

    • Increasing your engine size

    • Decreasing your muffler size

    • Resonator delete (remove the car's resonator)

    Since laws vary from state to state, you can also go to a mechanic where you live and ask what your options are for legally modifying the exhaust to increase sound.

    They will know what is possible and how to price it.

    A performance intake can legally make your car louder
    A performance intake can legally make your car louder

    How To Make Your Car Louder Without Removing Muffler?

    To make a car louder without removing the muffler, aside from a muffler delete, you might consider asking your mechanic to replace the muffler with a less restrictive, freer-flowing one.

    You can also make modifications to improve airflow in the car, remove the resonator, drill holes in the exhaust, get a resonator exhaust tip, or upgrade to a cat-back exhaust system.

    Otherwise, you might consider modifying the axle-back system, the turboback exhaust system, getting a performance muffler, or purchasing an aftermarket exhaust system.

    How To Make Your Car Louder For Cheap?

    Among the options above to make your car louder, the following are some of the most affordable:

    Car sound modification comparisons

    Car sound modification method

    Average cost

    Get a performance muffler


    Drill holes in the exhaust


    Muffler delete


    Get a resonator exhaust tip


    Get a drop-in air filter


    Straight Pipe

    $100(barebones DIY) - $1000+ (professional)

    How To Make Your Car Louder For Free?

    The most straightforward way to make your car louder for free is to choose a method that doesn't require the purchase of any new parts.

    With these methods, removing a part (such as the muffler or resonator), you can make the vehicle louder at very economical price if you do it yourself.

    Remember, though, that doing a muffler delete or other modifications at home is risky if you aren't an expert and may lead to exhaust leaks, rust, and other issues.

    How To Make Your Car Louder Without Voiding Warranty?

    You could risk losing your warranty when you modify or delete certain parts of your car's exhaust system to make it louder.

    Certain car warranties require that you don't make certain modifications to your vehicle (especially ones that damage the vehicle), or else the warranty coverage gets voided.

    Before making any modifications, you can contact the manufacturer or warranty provider and check state laws to avoid a waste of money and coverage.

    How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Car Louder?

    The cost of making a car louder depends on the route you want to take.

    Depending on your route to make your car louder, you could achieve the task for free with DIY methods or spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to have a mechanic upgrade a part for you.

    Certain methods, like adding an exhaust tip, are as cheap as about $50, whereas modifying/upgrading many different parts can reach the thousands range.

    Depending on your vehicle type and how old it is, costs will inevitably vary.

    Do Exhaust Tips Make Your Car Louder?

    Adding an exhaust tip to your car can increase the volume, but it will only be a minor sound improvement.

    One of the most notable differences you'll have with an exhaust tip is a change in the deepness of the car's sound.

    It often results in a sound described by car enthusiasts as “roaring” or “throaty.”

    If you want a noticeable increase in sound, you need to get a bigger exhaust tip.

    An exhaust tip can make your car louder
    An exhaust tip can make your car louder

    Do Cars Get Louder With Age?

    Cars often get a bit louder with age due to the engine's aging.

    Although it's not quite the same loudness or sound increase you get when you intentionally modify the exhaust and other parts, it can make a difference.

    The main reason cars get louder with age is that the different components in the engine run less smoothly, crack, and stretch.

    As a result, the engine inevitably makes more sounds, even when you're just idling or cruising.

    Furthermore, an older vehicle model will be louder than a newer vehicle model because of improvements in engine technology over time that compensate for the sound.

    Does Putting Water In Your Exhaust Make It Louder?

    Most car drivers see water/condensation in the exhaust system as an issue, although it's relatively harmless.

    But to car enthusiasts, water in the exhaust system can be an effective way to increase and improve the sound quality of the exhaust when driving. If you're going to try this, make sure to take precautions and talk to a mechanic beforehand.

    But this method is not fool-proof, as it can sometimes opt you out of your warranty due to the potential damages to the vehicle.

    Putting water in the exhaust also won't change the performance/power of the vehicle like other sound modifications will.

    How Do I Make My V6 Sound Deeper?

    Generally speaking, a stock V6 will not be as loud as a stock V8 simply due to having two fewer cylinders.

    For individuals with 6-cylinder engines in their cars, you can deepen the sound of the running engine by choosing the right muffler.

    You want the muffler to allow for the minimal restriction of exhaust and enough resonator chambers for exhaust collision to work well.

    If you can find a muffler designed to these specifications, you should notice that the V6 engine sounds deeper when you drive and rev the engine.

    How Can I Make My Car Sound Like A V8?

    If you want your car to sound like it has an 8-cylinder engine, regardless of whether it does or not, you might consider replacing the exhaust tip.

    A high-performance exhaust tip will give your car that signature V8 muscle-ey sound you desire.

    Otherwise, you might try replacing the current exhaust setup with an aftermarket/performance dual-exhaust system and replace the muffler with an aftermarket one.

    You could upgrade the headers for an improved and deeper sound when driving.


    Have you ever wondered how to make your car louder and do so safely, legally, and on a budget?

    Hopefully, our guide on making your car sound better has given you good insights into how to increase the sound of your exhaust effectively.

    From upgrading exhaust system parts to deleting exhaust system parts and other methods, there are options for every kind of budget regarding what makes cars extra loud.


    Does A Muffler Delete Increase Horsepower?

    There is debate as to whether or not a muffler delete can effectively increase a vehicle's horsepower and performance.

    However, it's thought that deleting the muffler can decently increase the car's power, in addition to making the exhaust system sound louder and deeper.

    But you typically need to make other modifications, as well, to increase horsepower significantly.