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Unveiling the Price of a Muffler Delete for Your Car: Cost and Considerations

Mechanics removing a muffler for a muffler delete

A muffler delete is when you remove the muffler from your exhaust systema nd replace it with a piece of "restriction free" tubing

You might opt for a muffler delete when you want to improve your vehicle's performance and exhaust flow. But how much does a muffler delete cost?

On average, a muffler delete (removing the muffler and installing a muffler delete pipe) costs around $140 for parts or $300 for parts and labor combined.

However, these prices can vary depending on the vehicle model, vehicle age, location, mechanical labor rates, and other factors.

Keep reading as we explore the cost of muffler delete for Hondas, BMWs, and other vehicle types and the results of a muffler delete.

We'll also touch upon the legality of this service and how it compares to other exhaust modification methods.

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    Mechanics removing a muffler for a muffler delete
    Mechanics removing a muffler for a muffler delete

    How Much Does A Muffler Delete Cost?

    On average, the cost of muffler delete (or the cost of a muffler delete pipe) for an automobile is around $140 and about $300 for parts plus labor.

    However, parts costs can range as low as about $50 and as high as about $250, depending on location and other cost factors.

    If the muffler delete is part of a cat-exhaust system, it may cost significantly more.

    There are other factors affecting the cost of a muffler delete service, including:

    • Where you are located

    • The experience level of the mechanic

    • Used vs. new parts

    • DIY muffler delete vs. paid muffler delete service

    • How old/new your vehicle model is

    • Tax rates

    Take a look at the following table, which gives estimates of the average cost of a muffler delete service for various popular vehicle models.

    Tables comparing muffler delete prices by model

    Average Muffler Delete Cost

    Honda Civic


    Dodge Challenger




    Chevrolet Camaro


    Ford Mustang


    Dodge Charger


    Honda Accord


    A muffler delete will cost less than a complete straight pipe because less material, fitting, and welding are involved.

    Straight pipe welded in place of a muffler
    Straight pipe welded in place of a muffler

    Does A Muffler Delete Do Anything?

    Some people choose to get a muffler delete to improve a vehicle's performance.

    A muffler delete is the removal of the muffle and replacing it with a straight pipe to reduce the restrictions in the exhaust system.

    As a result, you may see these results:

    • Increase the HP of the car's engine

    • Louder/more crackle and popping sounds from the exhaust

    The lack of a muffler results in a loud and impressive sound when the engine runs and revs, and some car owners like this effect.

    Does A Muffler Delete Sound Good?

    Depending on how much you care about the performance aspect of driving your car, you may or may not find that a muffler delete sounds good.

    Many performance drivers and fans of performance driving find that the loud noise of a muffler delete is satisfying.

    To others, however, like bystanders and people you encounter in traffic, the sound of your vehicle without the muffler may be annoying or grating.

    It's also worth noting that some vehicle models sound worse when they run after a muffler delete is performed. And sometimes, the consistent droning sound that occurs while driving at normal speeds is hard to listen to.

    To perform a muffler delete the muffler is removed from the exhaust pipe and replaced with a piece of tubing
    To perform a muffler delete the muffler is removed from the exhaust pipe and replaced with a piece of tubing

    Will A Muffler Delete Make Your Car Pop?

    Believe it or not, some car owners desire the sound of crackling and popping as they cruise around.

    Getting a muffler delete done to your vehicle can result in “pop” noises (similar to the sound of gunshots in some cases).

    Most car experts agree that a muffler delete is one of the best ways to achieve pops.

    Will A Muffler Delete Ruin Your Engine?

    Since a muffler delete isn't necessary but more so for aesthetic/sound reasons, it's important to know how safe it is for your car.

    There's a lot of debate around this topic, but generally, a muffler delete won't damage or ruin your engine.

    What you do have to worry about, however, is the possibility of oxidation and leaks around these exhaust parts.

    Sometimes, a bad muffler delete job (especially with DIY muffler deletes) means bad welding that leads to damaged and corroded parts down the line.

    Is A Muffler Delete Illegal

    One thing to note about a muffler delete is that it may mean that you won't pass a regular vehicle inspection.

    Mechanics look for all parts in working order, especially when muffler deletes are illegal statewide.

    Keep in mind that there isn't a special list of certain states where muffler deletes are notably illegal; it's illegal in every state in the US.

    The consequences of being caught with a muffler delete, however, will vary depending on your state.

    Sometimes, the legality of muffler deletes even comes down to the noise disturbance you create, which can result in fines/tickets.

    Does A Muffler Delete Use More Gas?

    There's a common misconception that getting a muffler delete will result in overall higher fuel consumption and, thus, poor fuel efficiency.

    Actually, it may lower fuel consumption because of the better flowing exhaust.

    But in reality, a muffler delete won't noticeably change gas consumption, meaning it won't raise OR lower gas consumption on average.

    Instead, the muffler delete generally has a small yet noticeable effect on vehicle power (horsepower).

    Is A Catback Louder Than A Muffler Delete?

    A “catback” is another way to achieve performance sounds when you rev your engine and accelerate your vehicle.

    It involves installing new piping in place of the exhaust from the rearward catalytic converter and replacing it with a new muffler.

    Most people find this the cheapest way to achieve louder exhaust sounds when driving your vehicle.

    The benefits compared to a muffler delete include:

    • Less annoying droning noises when cruising the vehicle

    • Deep exhaust sounds

    • Louder exhaust sounds

    • More pleasing sounds when revving the engine

    • Better for long drives

    Compared to a muffler delete, a catback is going to result in a louder exhaust, which is why many people prefer this method when they're solely focused on sound.

    How Much Is A Muffler Delete Ticket?

    Since a muffler delete is technically illegal nationwide, you must be on the lookout for getting ticketed when driving your car.

    These tickets are generally referred to as “unlawful exhaust modification,” although they are costly, they aren't considered criminal offenses.

    On average, you'll probably be charged anywhere from $25 for a minor violation to upwards of $450 in some cases.

    You should also note that these fines can increase if you fail to pay them.

    Note that these fines will vary depending on your state and associated legislation there.

    For example, in some states, you may have the option to avoid a more significant fine if you remedy the issue and appear in court.

    But if you don't do as instructed, you could be facing fines of up to $1,000 in places like California, for example.


    Ever wondered how much is a muffler delete?

    A muffler delete often costs around $140 (parts) or $300 (parts and labor).

    Costs will vary depending on factors such as location, vehicle model, and labor rates.

    A muffler delete is illegal and may result in tickets and failed vehicle inspections, although it increases the exhaust volume and adds performance improvements.