Nissan NVP Payload (2012)

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Nissan NVP Payload Overview

The Nissan NVP payload capacity is between 2,568 to 2,823 lbs. depending on the year, trim and drivetrain.

A payload is the weight of the cargo that a vehicle can carry. The payload capacity is the maximum amount of weight that a vehicle can carry in the bed or cargo area and calculated by subtracting the curb weight of the vehicle from the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

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Nissan NVP Payload

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2012 Nissan NVP Payload Capacity Data

The 2012 Nissan NVP payload capacity ranges from 2,568 lbs to 2,823 lbs.

2012 Nissan NVP Payload Capacities
Trim Engine | Transmission | Drivetrain Horsepower | Torque Payload GVWR Curb Weight
Passenger SV Van 4.0L | V6 | 5 Spd Auto | RWD 261 HP | 281 ft/lbs 2,765 lbs 9,520 lbs 6,755 lbs
Passenger SL Van 5.6L | V8 | 5 Spd Auto | RWD 317 HP | 385 ft/lbs 2,568 lbs 9,430 lbs 6,862 lbs
Passenger S Van 4.0L | V6 | 5 Spd Auto | RWD 261 HP | 281 ft/lbs 2,823 lbs 9,520 lbs 6,697 lbs