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What Size Is A 33-Inch Tire? Dimensions, Fit, and Vehicle Compatibility

How to read imperial measurements on a tire

A 33-inch tire is a good option for a serious 4x4 vehicle that can still handle and drive decently on normal roads you drive daily.

What size are 33-inch tires, and how does that translate to millimeters?

The difficulty is that a 33-inch tire could mean many different tire sizes depending on the rim size.

You can calculate your tire size by using an online tire size calculator or by using the following formula: Diameter (in inches) = 2 * (Tire Width / 25.4) * (Aspect Ratio / 100) - (Wheel Size * -1).

Figuring out what size tires you need can be a hassle, but if you follow this formula, you can discern the size of your tires.

Remember that a set of 33s isn't necessarily going to be 33-inches in diameter. It's usually shorter.

The rest of this article will walk you through how to calculate your tire size and discuss different dimensions of tires that equate to a 33-inch tire.

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    How to read imperial measurements on a tire
    How to read imperial measurements on a tire

    What Tire Size Is Equivalent To 33?

    To discern what tire size is equivalent to 33s, you need to consider the tire width, sidewall height, aspect ratio, and the size of your rims.

    Here's a handy chart for you to use that shows all compatible 33-inch tires that fit on various rim sizes.

    Different 33-inch tire sizes



































    How Do You Measure A Tire Size 33?

    To measure a tire size 33, you'll need to use this formula: Diameter (in inches) = 2 * (Tire Width / 25.4) * (Aspect Ratio / 100) - (Wheel Size * -1), which will give you an accurate tire sizing.

    If you just measure the diameter of your tire, you'll find that it's likely just under 33-inches.

    It's not clear why manufacturers do this but rest assured that you're not being scammed― it's perfectly normal for tires to be under the inch size listed.

    Jeeps with 33 inch tires
    Jeeps with 33 inch tires

    What Size Is A 33-inch Tire on A 20-Inch Rim?

    On a 20-inch rim, you can expect the following combinations:

    • 285/60-20

    • 295/55-20

    • 305/55-20

    • 325/50-20

    These tire dimensions should fit on a 20-inch rim for a 33-inch tire.

    If you're unsure what size tire you currently have or want to check that your new tires are the correct size, you can use the formula mentioned above or rely on an online calculator to do the math.

    What Size Is A 33-inch Tire on an 18-Inch Wheel?

    On an 18-inch wheel, you can expect the following dimensions for your tires to fit:

    • 275/65-18

    • 275/70-18

    • 305/60-18

    • 295/65-18

    • 33X12.50-18

    • 325/60-18

    • 375/50-18

    These tire sizes can be expected to fit on an 18-inch wheel and are considered as 33s.

    What Size Is A 33-inch Tire on A 17-Inch Rim?

    On a 17-inch rim, several 33-inch tires will fit. They include the following tires:

    • 275/70-17

    • 255/75-17

    • 285/70-17

    • 305/65-17

    • 33X12.50-17

    As before if you want to check the dimensions of your tire, you need only use an online tire size calculator or plug in the dimensions into the formula yourself.

    33 inch tires on a Nissan Pathfinder
    33 inch tires on a Nissan Pathfinder

    Are 33-inch Tires the Same As 285?

    Sometimes, tire sizes are measured in millimeters, making it confusing to figure out tire sizes.

    There are, however, compatible 33-inch tires that are the equivalent of 285s.

    These tires work with 16, 17, 20, and 22-inch rims. On a 16-inch rim, you have 285/75-16.

    On a 17-inch rim, there's 285/70-17. On the 20-inch rim, we have 285/60-20; on the 22-inch rim, it's 285/50-22.

    Are 295 Tires the Same as 33s?

    Due to the different measurement systems, a 295 can be considered the same as 33s if it has certain dimensions on an 18 or 20-inch rim.

    On an 18-inch rim, there's 295/65-18, while on a 20-inch rim, we have 295/55-20.

    Remember that a 295 or 285 can be a 35-inch depending on the tire dimensions, so check your figures before purchasing and finding out you have the wrong tires.


    Figuring out the right size of tires can be a nuisance, especially when measurements don't line up properly between the metric and imperial systems.

    You can rely on the above formula to calculate your tire sizes for yourself or simply rely on an online tire size calculator.

    If you're upgrading to 33-inch tires, make sure that your suspension is up to the challenge so that you're not overtaxing your vehicle, and be prepared to pay a bit more out of pocket for gas due to the increased weight from sizing up.

    If you shop carefully and do the math, you'll have no trouble finding your next set of 33s for your truck.


    What Size Is A 305?

    A 305 can be a 33-inch or greater, depending on the tire's dimensions, aspect ratio, sidewall height, and diameter.

    If you're after a set of 33s, then you'll want the following dimensions for a 305 to be equivalent.

    On 16-inch rims, you'll need 305/70-16.

    On 17-inch rims, you'll need 305/65-17.

    For 18-inch rims, you'll need 305/60-18.

    On 20-inch rims, the dimensions are 305/55-20, while 22-inch rims require a 305/45-22.

    What Is A 285 70r17 In Inches?

    A 285/70-17 is the equivalent of a 33-inch tire that fits 17-inch rims.

    Is A 275 60r20 A 33-inch Tire?

    The 275/60-20 is equivalent to a 33-inch tire and fits on rims with a wheel diameter of 20 inches.

    Which Tire Is Bigger, 285 Or 295?

    The short answer is that it depends.

    Just because 295 is a bigger number doesn't necessarily mean it's a bigger tire since tires are measured using multiple factors.

    The 285 and the 295 can be equivalent to a 33-inch or 35-inch tire, depending on the other dimensions.

    What Size Are 295 Tires in Inches?

    295 tires can be 33 or 35-inch tires, depending on their other measurements.

    The 33-inch tire has equivalent sizes to the 295 on 18 and 20-inch wheel diameters.

    Similarly, the 35-inch tire also has the equivalent to 295s that accommodate 18 or 20-inch rims.

    What Is A 315 Tire in Inches?

    A 315 tire is usually a 35-inch tire that accommodates 16, 17, and 20-inch rims.

    For a 16-inch rim, the dimensions are 315/75-16. For a 17-inch rim, it's 315/70-17.

    On a 20-inch rim, it's 315/60-20.

    How Wide Is a 305 Tire in Inches?

    The 305 tires can be 33 or 35-inch tires. On a 33-inch tire, you can expect it to fit 16, 17, 18, 20, and 22-inch rims.

    For 35-inch tires, some selections fit 18-inch rims.

    What Size Is a 33x12.50 Tire?

    The 33X12.50-15M tire is a 33-inch tire that fits a 15-inch rim.

    What Size Tire Is a 285 70r17?

    The 285/70-17 is a 33-inch tire that fits a 17-inch rim.

    What Tire Size Is the Same As 33x12.50?

    There's no exact equivalent to the 33X12.50 in the metric system, but the closest actual tire equivalent would be the 325/50-20, a 33-inch tire that fits 20-inch rims.

    What Is A 295 70r17 in Inches?

    A 295/70-17 is a 35-inch tire that fits 17-inch rims.

    If you're looking for a 33-inch tire equivalent to the 295s, you'll want either the 296/65-18 on 18-inch rims or the 295/55-20 on 20-inch rims.

    What Is A 265 Tire in Inches?

    265s are tires with a diameter of approximately 265 millimeters, 10.4 inches.

    Since tires are often listed as larger than they are, a 265 is most likely equivalent to a 31-inch tire.