How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Timing Belt?

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Average Cost Of A Timing Belt Replacement

According to our research the cost of a timing belt replacement generally falls between $246 and $1248 depending on the model of the vehicle if performed by a professional mechanic. The average timing belt replacement cost across the 50 different models we looked at is $570. The bulk of the cost is labor with parts only making up a small percentage of the overall cost.

Also, $100 to $200 dollars can be added to the final cost if the water pump and timing belt tensioner are replaced at the same time which is generally recommended.

Factors Affecting Timing Belt Replacement Cost

Before we get to the data it is important to remember that there are a number of factors that affect the cost of a timing belt replacement. They include:

Make And Model

Make and model can play a significant role in the cost of a timing belt replacement as seen in the tables below. Although not always the case, typically domestic makes are cheaper to repair than their foreign counterparts.

Quality Of Parts

Relatively speaking parts make up a small percentage of the cost of a timing belt replacement when compared to labor. Still, there is a significant difference between OEM (Authentic Manufacturer) and aftermarket parts which are often times cheaper but usually at the cost of quality and reliability.

It is generally recommended to use OEM parts when it comes to timing components as failure is usually costly.


Depending on the part of the country you are in shop time can vary drastically.


If you are handy and resourceful you can perform a timing belt change yourself thereby saving yourself hundreds of dollars in labor costs. But a word of warning, timing belt changes are time consuming, require special tools and are somewhat complicated. Mistakes can lead to catastrophic engine failure leading to extremely costly engine repairs or even engine replacement.

Before embarking on a timing belt change it is recommended to watch a few youtube tutorials on your particular make and model to make sure you are up to the task.

Cost Of Timing Belt Replacement By Make And Model

Below are some table detailng the timing belt repair costs of various models of popular vehicles in the United States. The data was pulled from

Please Note: The costs include the parts and labor for a timing belt replacement only. Please account an extra $100 to $200 for a water pump and tensioner service (highly recommended).

Make & ModelYearEst. Timing Belt Replacement Cost
Acura MDX2010$497
Acura TL2010$497
Acura TSX2010between $499 & $866
Audi A32008between $548 & $1088
Audi A42008$1085
Audi Q52011between $948 & $1248
Audi S32015between $533 & $906
Chevrolet Cruze2011$680
Dodge Caravan2010between $406 & $784
Make & ModelYearEst. Timing Belt Replacement Cost
Ford Escape2013$712
Ford Fiesta2011between $464 & $874
Ford Focus2004$246
Ford Ranger2001between $169 & $289
Honda Accord2005$599
Honda Civic2005$610
Honda Odyssey2010$474
Honda Pilot2010$652
Make & ModelYearEst. Timing Belt Replacement Cost
Hyundai Accent2010$513
Hyundai Elantra2010$360
Hyundai Santa Fe2009$575
Hyundai Sonata2006$400
Isuzu Rodeo2004between $527 & $843
Kia Optima2010between $516 & $934
Kia Rio2011$395
Kia Sorento2006$670
Kia Soul2011between $285 & $977
Kia Sportage2010between $571 & $1048
Make & ModelYearEst. Timing Belt Replacement Cost
Mazda Tribute2004between $518 and $738
Mitsubishi Lancer2007between $418 and $569
Mitsubishi Mirage2002between $326 and $492
Mitsubishi Outlander2010between $478 and $1191
Nissan Frontier2004$428
Nissan Pathfinder2000$441
Nissan xTerra2004$384
Make & ModelYearEst. Timing Belt Replacement Cost
Subaru Outback2009$521
Subaru Forester2011$881
Subaru Impreza2012between $344 & $417
Subaru Legacy2010between $286 & $359
Suzuki Swift2000between $322 & $382
Suzuki Vitara2000$446
Make & ModelYearEst. Timing Belt Replacement Cost
Toyota 4Runner2009$483
Toyota Avalon2004between $438 & $737
Toyota Camry2006$360
Toyota Highlander2007$384
Toyota Sequioa2009$574
Toyota Tacoma2004$610
Toyota Solara2004$610
Toyota Sienna2006$960
Toyota Tundra2009$598
Volvo XC602015$496
Volvo XC902016$496

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Replace A Timing Belt Myself?

Yes, it is possible to replace a timing belt yourself but it is a very involving job. Please do due dilligence by reading appropriate literature and watching tutorials online to make sure you are up to the task. In most cases it is advisable to get the timing belt replacement done by a professional mechanic.

Is It Worth Fixing A Timing Belt?

Yes, it is definately worth fixing a timing belt. A timing belt is a critical component of your vehicle's timing system. Timing belt failure will lead to the engine not running and often times will lead to catastrophic engine damage.

Does A Timing Belt Give A Warning Before Failing?

Often times there are no warning signs before a timing belt fails but you can look out for:

  • Most engines with a timing belt have a timing belt inspection hole you can look through to see if your timing belt is cracking or soaked in coolant or oil.
  • If your timing belt is worn out or stretched it may skip a gear on one of the timing pulleys which will cause the engine to run rough.
  • A timing belt tensioner will often times make a ticking sound when it wears out. A wore out tensioner may lead to your timing belt slipping and consequent engine damage.
  • When your timing belt reaches its recommended service interval, generally 60,000 to 105,000 miles depending on your vehicles model (check the owners manual or with a professional mechanic), your timing belt becomes more at risk of failing.

Will A Broken Timing Belt Destroy My Engine?

A broken timing belt may destroy your engine depending on if your vehicle's engine is an interference engine or not.

Find your vehicle here to check whether your vehicle has a timing belt and whether it is interference or not.

What Is The Difference between Timing Belt And Serpentine Belt?

The main difference between a timing belt and a serpentine belt are that a timing belt synchronizes the timing between pistons and valves while the serpentine belt drives the engine accessories such as AC, alternator, cooling fan etc.

For more detailed information check our Timing Belt Vs. Serpentine Belt - Differences Explained blog post here.

Where Can I Get My Timing Belt Changed?

We recommend getting your timing belt changed at a reputable mechanic that guarantees their work.