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Transmission Weight Guide: Understanding How Much a Transmission Weighs

Rebuilding a transmission.

Knowing your transmission weight is helpful if you plan to lift, load, move, or deliver it.

Most transmissions weigh between 100 and 400 pounds (45 to 181 kg), with the average falling around 226 pounds (103 kg).

Automatics are often heavier than manual transmissions due to their increased complexity.

In the following sections, you'll learn the transmission weights of various models.

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    Rebuilding a transmission.
    Rebuilding a transmission.

    What Is the Average Weight of a Transmission?

    The average transmission weight ranges from 100 to 400 pounds (45 to 181 kg), with most standard-size transmissions weighing roughly 226 pounds (103 kg).

    However, transmissions come in a variety of types, sizes, and weights based on their design and performance.

    So, the above isn't a one-size-fits-all measurement.

    How Heavy is a Manual Transmission?

    The weight of manual transmissions varies massively depending on the car, but it's typically somewhere between 100 and 400 pounds.

    For example, the transmission in a small-ish front-wheel drive car, like a Honda Civic, could be lifted single-handedly and thus weighs around the 100-pound mark.

    How Much Does a CVT Transmission Weigh?

    A CVT — Continuously Variable Transmission — is a single-speed automatic gearbox used in various vehicles.

    Usually, you'll find them in cars, tractors, snowmobiles, motor scooters, and even earthmoving equipment.

    Due to its compact size and simple construction, it's lighter than standard automatic transmissions, increasing fuel efficiency.

    Here are two examples so you can see how the weight of CVT transmissions can differ:

    • The JF011E CVT found in the Nissan Juke weighs 150 pounds.
    • The Honda D-series transmission sits within the 70- to the 90-pound mark.
    Internals of a CVT transmission.
    Internals of a CVT transmission.

    How Much Does a Truck Transmission Weigh?

    The weight of a truck's transmission depends on the truck itself.

    They can weigh anywhere from 100 pounds to 400 pounds.

    For example, a Chevy Silverado's transmission weighs 133 pounds without fluid, but a Dodge Ram's 545RFE transmission weighs 238 pounds with the fluid and converter.

    How Heavy Is a Semi-Truck Transmission?

    Semi-truck transmissions tend to fall on the heavier end of the 100 pounds to 400 pounds weight scale.

    Usually, these vehicles come with a manual transmission so the driver can more easily control the torque in relation to the vehicle's velocity when carrying loads.

    That said, semi-trucks with automatic transmissions aren't uncommon and are becoming more common by the year as they're much easier to drive.

    How Much Does a V6 Transmission Weigh?

    On average, a V6 transmission weighs between 100 pounds and 400 pounds or 45 kg and 181 kg.

    Most standard-size V6 transmissions weigh in at 226 pounds or 103 kg.

    Are Automatic Transmissions Heavier than Manual?

    There's usually only a 50- to 75-pound difference between the weights.

    Typically, manual transmissions are lighter than automatic versions with the same gear ratios and torque capabilities.

    Automatic transmissions suffer worse fuel economy and drive train loss due to their heavier build.

    The main culprit for the weight difference is the cast iron case enveloping automatic transmissions — this one distinction accounts for between 20 and 30 pounds.

    Different hardware components also add weight.

    Manual models have fewer parts than automatic transmissions, so the system and its housing are lighter.

    Thankfully, heavier transmissions don't affect performance, meaning you should choose the type you prefer.

    A transmission full of transmission fluid is heavier than a dry transmission.
    A transmission full of transmission fluid is heavier than a dry transmission.

    Transmission Weights

    Now we've covered the basics, let's explore the weights of specific transmission models.

    How Much Does a Gm Transmission Weigh?

    GM (General Motors), the innovator of automatic transmissions, boasts a wide product range, each with its own weight.

    The company constructed the lightweight Roto Hydramatic, Model 5, which weighed just 145 pounds or 66 kg.

    However, they made the all-powerful GM 10L80, which has a weight of around 230 pounds when dry.

    Despite the considerable weight difference, the latter model is light considering its complexity.

    How Much Does a 7.3 Transmission Weigh?

    For a Power Stroke 7.3 diesel engine, you can use a 4R100 automatic transmission.

    The 4R100 weighs roughly 240 pounds without a converter and transmission fluid.

    With the stock converter, it weighs around 270 pounds.

    Add between 16 and 17 quarts of transmission fluid, which weighs just over 300 pounds, as a five-gallon container of fluid is roughly 36 pounds.

    How Much Does a 6L80 Transmission Weigh?

    The GM 6L80 transmission has a dry weight of approximately 195 pounds, but it can weigh up to 230 pounds when full.

    As per the manufacturer's recommendations, Dexron VI fluid is preferable, and you should be able to achieve a ten- to 12.6-quart fill.

    How Much Does a 4L80 Transmission Weigh?

    The 4L80 is much heavier than the above, with a dry weight of 254 pounds and a full weight of around 268 pounds.

    The extra weight comes from the additional transmission cooling ports found on the 4L80.

    How Much Does a 4L60e Transmission Weigh?

    Without transmission fluid, the 4L60e weighs 133 pounds and can handle a maximum of 360 pound-feet of torque.

    How Much Does a Turbo 400 Transmission Weigh?

    The Turbo 400 or TH400 is 24.37 inches long with a dry weight of 135 pounds, thanks to its iron and aluminum construction.

    In the stock version, you should expect to use 11 to 12 quarts of transmission fluid to fill.

    However, the recommended amount depends on the torque converter type and other factors.

    How Much Does a 6L90 Transmission Weigh?

    The six-speed automatic rear-wheel drive transmission weighs around 245 pounds with the torque converter and approximately 13 quarts of fluid.

    You'll usually find this transmission in the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Express, and the GMC Savana.

    How Much Does a 6L80e Transmission Weigh?

    The 6L80E is an ultra-successful automatic OEM transmission found mainly in Jeeps (not those with short wheelbases).

    It weighs between 210 and 229 pounds and has an input torque rating of 440 lbs-ft.

    How Much Does a C4 Transmission Weigh?

    The Ford C4 transmission is a medium-duty, three-speed auto transmission weighing 130 pounds dry with the torque converter.

    How Much Does a 350 Engine and Transmission Weigh?

    Different manufacturers have versions of the 350 engine, so the weight is brand specific.

    The most common 350 engines and their weights are as follows:

    • Buick 350 engine — 450 pounds
    • Chevy small block 350 V8 for Corvette — 575 pounds
    • Chevy small block 350 V8 from the 1960s — 535 pounds

    How Much Does a G56 Transmission Weigh?

    A G56 6-speed manual transition weighs between 200 and 225 pounds, depending on how much fluid (maximum 4.95 quarts) is in the tank.

    How Much Does an 8-Speed Transmission Weigh?

    ZF made their 8-speed transmission to replace the former 6-speed model.

    It matches its predecessor's weight of 200 pounds exactly.

    How Much Does a 9-Speed Transmission Weigh?

    The exact weight of a 9-speed transmission depends on the manufacturer.

    Eaton Fuller 9-speed transmission weights vary drastically, as per the below:

    • L-1550 — 1,350 lbs
    • R-1150 — 1,350 lbs
    • R-1160 — 1,160 lbs
    • RT-8609A — 392 lbs
    • RT-13709H — 588 lbs

    Whereas the 9-speed automatic transmission by ZF weighs just 171 pounds.

    How Much Does an Eaton 10-Speed Transmission Weigh?

    Eaton's 10-speed transmission is a manual and sets the standard for performance, reliability, and durability.

    Known as the FR series, the heavy-duty transmissions weigh 592 pounds — perfect for high-performing trucks.

    How Much Does an 18-Speed Transmission Weigh?

    Eaton's 18-speed transmission weighs 716 pounds with a torque capacity of 1,650 lbs-ft.

    How Much Does an Allison 1000 Transmission Weigh?

    The Allison 1000 boasts a 5,000-rpm input shaft speed capability.

    The dry weight is approximately 330 pounds, including the PTO.

    How Much Does an Eaton Fuller 8-Speed Transmission Weigh?

    Eight-speed Eaton Fuller transmissions are classed as medium-duty and come in manual and automatic forms.

    The exact weights are as follows:

    • RT-11608 — 577 lbs
    • RT-14608 — 604 lbs
    • RT-F-14608 — 604 lbs
    • RTO-11607L — 605 lbs
    • RTOF-11607L — 605 lbs

    How Much Does a 700r4 Transmission Weigh?

    At 23.4 inches long, the 700r4 transmission weighs 155 pounds, thanks to its cast aluminum construction.

    How Much Does an Eaton Fuller 13-Speed Transmission Weigh?

    The Eaton Fuller 13-speed transmission weighs approximately 716 pounds and has a torque capacity of 1,850 lbs-ft.

    Transmission Weight Chart

    Transmission weights vary massively, but here are six examples to show you the average range:

    Table showing common transmissions and their weights.
    Ford Performance Super-Duty T-5 5-Speed 90 lbs or 41 kg
    FTI 700R4 Automatic Transmission 155 lbs or 70 kg
    FTI TH400 Performance Manual 158 lbs or 72 kg
    All-Trans Automatic A534004 235 lbs or 107 kg
    Eaton 4-Speed 240 lbs or 109 kg
    Ford Trans Automatic FC4Z7000V 363 lbs or 165 kg

    How Much Do an Engine and Transmission Weigh?

    Many factors determine an engine's weight, including the number of cylinders, model, size, and material.

    Usually, it weighs between 300 and 350 pounds (136 and 159 kg), excluding the transmission weight.

    For example, if your engine weighs 300 pounds and you have an Eaton 4-Speed transmission, the total weight is 540 pounds.


    You can expect most transmissions to fall within the 100-to-400 pounds range.

    But always make sure you're aware of the weight before trying to lift, load, or deliver a transmission.