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Ford Owners Celebrate: Special Insurance Programs to Cut Costs!

A happy family standing beside their Ford car, holding a large, colorful umbrella symbolizing insurance

With the economy the way it is and the cost of everything skyrocketing, Ford owners maybe in luck to save on insurance.

Ford offers specific insurance programs for its vehicles, most notably through Ford Insure and Ford Pro Insure.

Ford Insure

Ford Insure is a collaboration between Ford and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, targeting Ford vehicle owners.

This program uses telematics data from the vehicle to offer potential discounts based on driving behaviors.

Key factors include distance traveled, time of day of driving, acceleration, and braking habits.

Owners of 2020 and newer Ford models can qualify for Ford Insure.

This program offers a mix of modern and traditional benefits, including a 10% discount for enrolling and up to a 40% discount based on safer driving over a period of four to six months.

Besides the behavior-monitoring option, Ford Insure also offers a pay-per-mile policy designed for those who drive less, like remote workers or short-range commuters.

The insurance covers traditional aspects like liability, personal injury protection, and property damage, and customers can bundle services for additional discounts, such as combining auto with home or pet insurance.

Ford Pro Insure

Ford Pro Insure is more oriented towards commercial vehicle insurance, covering commercial vehicles purchased through Ford Pro and other channels.

This program is underwritten by Ford's subsidiary, The American Road Insurance Company (TARIC), and is available in a few states.

It's designed to support small businesses, offering affordable and comprehensive commercial insurance.


Both programs emphasize the importance of safe driving and offer various discounts based on individual driving habits and mileage.

However, availability and specific coverage details can vary by state, and there are some limitations in certain states like California, New York, and Florida.