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Do Gas Stations Sell Phone Chargers? Gas Stations as Your Unexpected Resource

Gas station stores almost always carry phone chargers.

Car chargers are usually near the top of everyone's must-have list when packing for a road trip. However, many people jump in their cars without packing these essential accessories. Thankfully, countless gas stations sell phone chargers that can easily plug into your car's power outlet.

Gas stations sell phone chargers, but not all gas station charges are safe. It is essential only to buy only the new version of a phone charger from a gas station. Non-MFI-approved cables may charge slowly, cause damage to your device and lead to electrical fires. It would be best if you avoided these chargers.

Most corner gas stations sell mobile phone chargers to keep your phone fully charged. If you've ever had to go out of your way to try and search for a Walmart or other big box store because your phone charger is on the fritz, this article is for you.

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    Gas station stores almost always carry phone chargers.
    Gas station stores almost always carry phone chargers.

    How Much Does A Phone Charger Cost At A Gas Station?

    Mobile phone chargers at gas stations can cost anywhere from $5 to $30. The specific price will depend on the type of charger you choose and the type of battery your phone has.

    If you have a brand-name mobile phone, you can expect to pay around $10 to $30. If you don't have a brand-name phone, you can expect to pay only a few dollars (i.e., $5 to $10).

    Another factor that determines how much money a phone charger costs is the quality of the charger. Cheap chargers aren't very durable and often have frayed wires and overheating power adapters, causing potential damage to your device.

    What Kind Of Charging Accessories Are Sold At Gas Stations?

    For popular brands such as Apple and Samsung, you can buy car chargers, portable batteries, and wall adapters from most gas stations. So you don't have to go out of your way to find the following products when you need them.

    CIG Plug USB Adapters

    Most cars have cigarette lighter receptacles, which can supply 12 volts of DC power for portable devices via CIG Plug USB Adapters. However, these are bulkier and more difficult to use than other DC connectors.

    Portable Battery

    Portable batteries are designed with longevity and efficiency in mind. Unlike traditional power cords, you can recharge them while you're out and about.

    Wall Adapters

    Most wall adapters for phone charging are designed to work with standard 120-volt outlets, but you can also use 240-volt outlets if you need more power.

    Micro USB

    You can find a Micro USB portable charger at gas stations and many other retail outlets.

    Charging a phone in a car.
    Charging a phone in a car.

    Are Gas Station Phone Chargers Quality?

    Gas station phone chargers generally have a lower quality than those you buy at stores. This is because these are typically made of cheaper materials more likely to break or stop working after a short period. Additionally, they are less powerful, so you will have to recharge your phone more frequently since it takes longer to reach a full battery.

    For example, a Samsung phone charger can deliver 15 watts, while a third-party charger may only deliver five.

    This means a cheap charger will take three times as long to charge your smartphone as a higher-quality one.

    Cheap chargers can damage your phone. The wires can become frayed, and the power adapters can overheat. In addition, cheap chargers can cause your battery to degrade and decrease charging capacity. If you're in the market for a new charger for an expensive smartphone, you should be aware of this.

    Are Gas Station Phone Chargers Safe?

    Gas station phone chargers are generally safe, but you should only use them if you're sure. If you need to use a gas station phone charger, a non-MFI-approved cable may be the only available product.

    Using a certified lightning cable to charge your iPhone is essential to avoid the potential for damage to your battery. Unfortunately, lightning cables that have not passed UL testing are often unreliable and can overcharge your battery.

    So, are gas station phone chargers safe for your iPad?

    While you can buy an iPhone charger from an Apple store or find a cheap one at a dollar store, you should be cautious about buying one made by a gas station.

    You can always use a second one if you don't want to buy a new charging cable. These chargers are designed for USB-A and USB-C connections and last about as long as the device. You can also use a MicroUSB adapter or a micro USB cable to connect your iPhone to a compatible charger.

    Should I Buy A Phone Charger At A Gas Station?

    If you need to buy a phone charger at a gas station, stay safe by only purchasing the newer versions of approved ones. A car charger may be necessary at some point to charge your phone on the go. When this happens, choose your product carefully for the best results.


    The good news is that you can purchase a phone charger that plugs into your vehicle's power source at gas stations and other locations such as convenience stores and even the corner drug store.

    However, before you buy a phone charger, please read the manufacturer's specifications. Most phones are limited in power consumption, so you don't want to buy something that hasn't been approved for your particular model.

    These chargers are generally used for small electronic devices, such as phones and tablets, but you can also find chargers for larger electronics, such as laptops.