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Specifications Comparison: 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 vs 2024 Nissan Titan

Researched By The AutoPadre Staff

Towing Capacity

2021 GMC Sierra 1500

Towing Capacity

Trim Engine Drive train Towing Capacity (lbs)
Crew Cab2.7LRWD7,600 lbs.
Crew Cab2.7L4WD7,400 lbs.
Crew Cab AT46.2L V84WD9,200 lbs.
Crew Cab Denali3.0L I6RWD9,500 lbs.
Crew Cab Denali6.2L V84WD9,100 lbs.
Crew Cab Elevation3.0L I6RWD9,100 lbs.
Crew Cab Elevation 3VL2.7L4WD8,900 lbs.
Crew Cab Elevation3.0L I64WD8,900 lbs.
Crew Cab SLE3.0L I6RWD9,100 lbs.
Crew Cab SLE3.0L I64WD8,900 lbs.
Crew Cab SLT3.0L I6RWD9,500 lbs.
Crew Cab SLT3.0L V84WD9,200 lbs.
Extended Cab2.7LRWD7,600 lbs.
Extended Cab2.7L4WD7,400 lbs.
Extended Cab Elevation3.0L I6RWD9,200 lbs.
Extended Cab Elevation 3VL2.7L4WD9,000 lbs.
Extended Cab Elevation3.0L I64WD9,000 lbs.
Extended Cab SLE3.0L I6RWD9,200 lbs.
Extended Cab SLE3.0L I64WD9,000 lbs.
Regular Cab5.3L V8RWD7,800 lbs.
Regular Cab5.3L V84WD7,600 lbs.

2024 Nissan Titan

Towing Capacity

Trim Engine Drive train Towing Capacity (lbs)
Platinum Reserve Crew Cab5.6L V8RWD9,200 lbs.
Platinum Reserve Crew Cab5.6L V84WD9,050 lbs.
SV Crew Cab5.6L V8RWD9,299 lbs.
SV Crew Cab5.6L V84WD9,130 lbs.
SV King Cab5.6L V84WD9,210 lbs.
PRO-4X Crew Cab5.6L V84WD9,070 lbs.
XD Platinum Reserve Crew Cab5.6L V84WD9,650 lbs.
XD PRO-4X Crew Cab5.6L V84WD10,730 lbs.
XD SV Crew Cab5.6L V84WD10,900 lbs.

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